Area1 has as a priority objective the well-being and health of people and our environment. All this is achieved by working from a global perspective, acting in different areas throughout the development of projects and the useful life of real estate. Thus, we carry out Consulting and Real State tasks in the following aspects:


  • Properties: feasibility studies, regulatory compliance, etc. Reports that affect the construction or rehabilitation of houses.
  • Compartments: in a well-designed space suitable for every need, people will get an insurance benefit in their day to day. This question, extrapolated to companies, will ensure that workers can develop their full capacity and improve their professional results.
  • Sustainability: we care for and protect our environment. Thus, we incorporate sustainable criteria in all our projects. We propose solutions that reduce consumption and carbon footprint and use low emission products.
  • Real State: we offer real estate advice on aspects linked to the property: spaces, investments, performance and optimization, as well as the search and location of a new home or business.
  • Our qualified technical team, made up of Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Masons, Electricians, Painters, Plumbers, Commercial and Administration.
  • Civil work: compartmentalizations, pavements, false ceilings and floors. Electrical and lighting installations. Air conditioning. System of security and anti-intrusion. Telecommunications, cabling, switchboards, and mechanical and plumbing installations.
  • Decor: we are specialists in Decoration and Interior Design. Our wide range of suppliers and design firms, make we can offer our clients a service and products of high quality. We develop projects for the kitchen, toilet and dressing room as well as living rooms, bedrooms and rest of the house.
  • Landscaping: we also take care of the exterior of your home. Our intention is to make your garden an element of pride and relaxation for your home.