Estudio de arquitectura y decoración de interiores en Madrid


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Estudio de arquitectura y decoración de interiores en Madrid

Hospital Division

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Estudio de arquitectura y decoración de interiores en Madrid



Our company… 

Our company was founded with the aim of responding to decoration projects in architecture as well as integration of clinical and general equipment.

We provide experience in a team that has developed and executed major projects in the area of health infrastructures.

Our experience…

We consider each special project by the constant evolution of technology, its impact on the welfare benefits and changes in work processes. Each infrastructure must be humanized, integrated and equipped for functionality and flexibility for which it is designed.

 The internationalization…

Internationalization makes every project is a challenge and as its cornerstone, the customer, because we respect their culture and their way of carrying out the existential processes, because professionals and patients should enjoy a space adapted to the needs.

Our proposal…

We detail proposals of solutions for the new construction projects and buildings in activity.

What we Offer… 


  • Definition of integral equipment of the project according to the need for assistance is established in the functional plan


  • Identification of the critical equipment of each area, checking that deadlines and validations not delayed the normal development of the work.


  • Preparation of technical specifications that must comply with the equipment by setting the level of technology required for the correct development of the healthcare activity.


  • Definition and preparation of the technical specifications of the equipment and furniture required for the proper provision of non-welfare services, included in the scope of contract (maintenance, logistics, etc).


  • Implementation of plan of integral equipment identifying those teams with impact in the construction processes, ensuring the fulfilment of the reinstatements and coordinating with all the parties involved in each process in accordance with the planning of work.


  • Management of purchase and planning the implementation of all the equipment, furnishings and equipment use care as well as services not required for the proper functioning of the health project, integrating the times of processes for the development of the works.


  • Coordination of the necessary preinstallations for a correct implementation of the equipment.


  • Coordination of training courses between end users and equipment suppliers


  • Preparation of the technical documentation and maintenance of the equipment object of the provision.